25 Great Reasons To Travel With Contiki

(Read on only if you’re 18-35—or know someone who is!)

If you’re reading this, you’re probably 18-35 and totally understand the benefits of travelling while you’re still (relatively) young. As one of the very few tour companies that cater exclusively to your age group, Contiki wants you to know the advantages of travelling with them and in a group.

  1. Contiki offers trips to Europe, North America, Latin America and more with activities tailor-made for you (provided you’re 18-35, of course!)
  1. You’ll know exactly where to go and what to do – there’s no getting lost with Contiki.
  2. Contiki offers coach touring as well as train trips, new for 2020.
  3. All Contiki trips are designed to let you see as many iconic sites as possible while still having as much free time of your own!
  1. Conquer as much of a region as you wish or delve in-depth into a handful of countries. Whatever your choice, Contiki has the perfect solution!
  2. If you’re travelling alone, you or your loved ones need not worry about your safety. Contiki ensures security for all its guests.

  1. You’ll not only be travelling with your age group, but with like-minded people who will soon become your lifelong friends!
  2. Planning your own trip can be daunting. Save yourself the hassle and stress and let Contiki plan everything—and we mean everything –for you.
  3. If you’re a first-time traveller, the world can seem intimidating. There’s no need to be afraid, though—Contiki will get you where you want to go with ease, comfort and most of all, 100% pleasure.
  4. Meet new people from all walks of life all over the world.

  1. You’ll get to take pictures of all the important icons then you’re out! No lingering about with the touristy crowds—Contiki will take you to hidden gems and local hang-outs.
  2. If you’re not looking to party around the globe, there’s no shame in that. Remember, you choose how you want to travel. Contiki will take you to places where you’ll learn in great depth about customs and culture, as well as meet locals who will entertain and inspire you with their stories.
  1. If you’re worried about accommodations, don’t be. Gone are your parents’ days of backpacking in dodgy hostels – the places you’ll stay in are top-notch and strategically-located including some of the trendiest hostels.
  2. Did we mention Contiki has its own properties? Stay in a 16th-century Chateau in France, or in a cosy Gasthof in the Austria Alps that has been prepared exclusively for Contiki travellers.

  1. Don’t be worried about connecting with your loved ones while you’re seeing the world. All the accommodations and travel transports have that most important amenity—FREE Wi-Fi.
  2. A super experienced and super chill Trip Manager will guide your way. He or she will be available 24/7 with fun facts and foodie tips to make your journey even more awesome.

  1. With Contiki, you’ll discover (and uncover) places and activities you won’t be able to make on your own, like dining with a local family in Sarajevo.
  2. Ask your expert Trip Manager for suggestions on how to spend your Free Time, or purchase Contiki’s Add-Ons on the spot. Either way, it’s up to you.

  1. Break a sweat with activities such as kayaking in Croatia, or soak those tired muscles in the famous Blue Lagoon in Iceland.
  2. Like you, Contiki is very conscious of the environment. That’s why Contiki has partnered up with Tread Right Foundation to ensure your travels are environmentally-friendly.

  1. You’ll also be doing your part when you travel to places like Berlin. A Berlin Refugee will act as your Local Guide—how’s that for eating your cake and having it, too?
  2. Buy some souvenirs and presents for your loved ones back home using group discounts exclusively for Contiki travellers.
  3. Fancy showing off some new skills when you get home? Take a cooking class in Italy or learn how to make a local dish in Portugal.
  4. You only need to pay US$200 to lock in a trip, then make the rest of your payment 45 days before the start of your awesome journey!
  5. With Contiki, you’ll get great discounts and cheaper entrance fees at iconic places. And if you’re in Rome, you can even skip the queues at the Eternal City’s historical hotspots!

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